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September 16, 2006

Package Testing

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Package Testing is a popular feature of WooHoo and a large subject. And since this feature has been (mostly) unlocked it makes sense to have a separate page for it. (The exact error is shown in the package viewer and is still locked out.)

Post here your success stories, questions, suggestions, insights, comments and desires about package testing. I’m sure everyone would be interested in your experiences with package testing.

Note: Package testing is not an exact science and will be continuously enhanced as new embedded files become supported by WooHoo and new information is acquired. Currently these file types are tested: package; png; txtr; dir. All embedded files are also tested for decompression errors.

A quick package primer:
A package file is basically just a container. It contains any number and kinds of embedded files. These embedded files contain the intelligence that creates a feature in your game. Hence, there can be an infinite variety of package files. The package file can have errors in it structure and each embedded file can also have errors. These errors may or may not cause your game to crash, behave strangely or maybe even have no apparent effect.

Please see the ‘Quick Start’ page for testing instructions.


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