WooHoo: Ultimate Mac Hack for The Sims 2

About the Project

Greetings Mac Simmers! The WooHoo Project is coming back!

If you never heard of WooHoo, it is the unofficial swiss army knife that helps you play The Sims 2 for OS X better, faster and stronger. Kinda like vitamins.

Tools developed so far include a package browser, sims2pack installer, package viewer, super fast smart backup tool (essential for power users), bulk package tester, texture export.

Planned enhancements include package editor, sims2pack editor, mesh export/import, texture import, more diagnostic tools, and whatever else contributors want.

The WooHoo Design Philosophy

There are a many types of Sims 2 players and they have different and overlapping needs from an application like WooHoo. From a programmers point of view writing the code is pretty much the same for everybody’s needs. The only difference is mainly the User Interface. Your average Sims 2 player would appreciate a step by step Interface like Home Crafter. Crusty Creators who like to live dangerously would appreciate an Interface that gives them maximum control.

So it is practical and convenient to package everyone’s needs into one application. My rough plan is to have a CREATE menu for doing certain common things step by step and a PACKAGE menu for those who live on the edge. And, the basic and average level windows will be a metallic color and the more advanced windows will have a pale color.

Also, for the average User, the Browser and it’s menu will give access to simplified editing of things like hair and clothing categories, creating a default skin set, editing tool tips and catalog descriptions and such things.

For the Crusty Creators the package editor will be smart to prevent dumb errors, but powerful to allow full creativity, and easy enough to entice the average player to try his/her hand at creating.

I am glad we have a web site now because it is going to be the glue that ties everything into a unified support system for Mac Sims 2 players of all levels. WooHoo!

The WooHoo Contribution Philosophy

I decided that WooHoo will be for everybody or nobody. Therefore, WooHoo is free for non-commercial use. WooHoo may not be distributed in any way unless approved in advance by me.

WooHoo is contribution-ware. The WooHoo project is supported entirely by contributions. Contributions can be in the form of money, talent, testers, marketing, bug reports, suggestions for improvements or any other way you can think of. The idea is we, as a community, will grow WooHoo into the best Mac hack ever created.

A crucial key to the success of the WooHoo project is that ALL contributors will be compensated for their contributions. The WooHoo project is not a charity. You will get out of it what you put into it. If you want freeware, look elsewhere. WooHoo is free but it is not free-ware. WooHoo is contribution-ware. So, if you think WooHoo is good and want to make it better please consider a contribution.


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