WooHoo: Ultimate Mac Hack for The Sims 2

Known Issues

This page lists known problems and quirkiness with WooHoo. Most problems are fixed right away. Some problems because of their complexity AND/OR because of a lack of interest by users are put on the back burner. These problems will be addressed eventually but are low on the list of priorities. If you see a problem listed here that is important for you to be fixed let me know.

Some Lot type Sims2Packs cause the game to crash

I’m calling this one a Caveat and not a bug. For one reason: The same Sims2Pack installed with the Maxis Installer causes the same crash. So, I think the problem is a bug in the game. Although when I learn more about the problem I might be able to make WooHoo work around it.

I am also suspecting that this is a Mac only problem. Mainly because I have not heard the Windows people talking about it or making it an issue with downloading lots. And when I tell them their lot made my game crash they have no answer. Which makes sense if this is a Mac only problem.

I have not discovered the exact reason for this caveat yet, but I am strongly suspecting that the game the pack is installed on has to have exactly the same expansion packs as the game the pack was created with.

So until this problem is fixed I think it would be good to find out the game that made the pack i.e. does it have the same expansion packs as your game? AND make sure you have a recent backup before installing any lot/family/person.

Sims2Packs from Maxis error out in the installer

This is due to these packs having multiple languages in them. The xml parser is not robust enough to handle these complex packs. I am planning to upgrade the xml parser fairly soon to be able to handle editing/saving Sims2Packs. So this problem will be fixed at that time. I am a little curious as to why only one person was interested in fixing this. Does no one download Maxis custom content?

Some Sims2Packs install empty package files in the Downloads folder

This is due to the game wanting to rename installed files with incomprehensible names. There is no harm done and all selected files are installed successfully. The Package Tester will quickly locate any empty packages so you can delete them. This problem will be fixed when the xml parser is upgraded.

alt24 and alt32 internal image formats

These two image formats will display and export but they do not look right. I’m not sure exactly what these formats are. If anyone knows definitively let me know. At this time I am pretty sure these formats should never be used because for one thing I have never seen a package with a alt32 image so I cant even test it. And for another thing out of hundreds of packages I looked at only 3 or 4 had the alt24 format. That is not really enough to be able to test the format properly. So, for the time being you can view and export these two formats but I have no plans to allow importing them until I find out if they are actually useful or not.


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