WooHoo: Ultimate Mac Hack for The Sims 2

Version History

These improvements are planned for V2.18 and V2.19

Turn the package viewer into a package editor. Texture import and automatic mipmap building. This is an important next step in the development of WooHoo and will open the door for more exciting features.

Edit Sims2Pack files. This will allow you to clean up the Sims2Pack file before uploading to a download site. Also support for opening Sims2Pack that contains multiple languages (currently these packages error out).

Version 2.17 released Aug 8, 2006

Includes only bug fixes spotted in V2.16.

Version 2.16 not released

There was a change in plans. 2.16 includes several bug fixes, improvements and a complete rewrite of the smart backup tool. This version will not be released.

Version 2.15

Hardware acceleration (openGL) for image compression/expansion and a few other things. Support for all native image formats (except the little used and I think obsolete alt24/alt32 formats). A mipmap sparkle test. Redesigned Package and TXTR window to be less cluttered and easier to use. A few bugs fixes and minor improvements. Several more tests added to check for corrupt TXTR and DIR files.

Version 2.14

Smart backup/restore: Fast too. Save wear and tear on your hard drive while securing ALL game documents. Be safe. Make a backup.

Mass package tester: Tests packages for many problems that could cause game crashing or improper play. Currently tests package files and all supported embedded files. Testing is not perfect and will become better over time as more issues are discovered. Users can contribute very much in this area by reporting corrupt files that are not failed by the package tester.

Browser: Browse and peek into packages, displays the images in it, has finder like features to open and move files.

Installer: complete control over installing items contained in Sims2Pack files

Package Viewer: For the heavy weight modder. Shows complete details of a .package file contents. Can export embedded files in it’s native format. Can open supported embedded files to view their contents.

Supported Embedded files: TXTR, PNG, DIR. This list will certainly be growing.

TXTR Viewer: View all the contained images. Export images as uncompressed tiff files. tiff is a high quality image format and is the native image format for Mac OS X, and nearly all imaging applications support it on Mac and Windows.

V2.14 also has a crashing problem and is therefore not available.



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