WooHoo: Ultimate Mac Hack for The Sims 2

July 10, 2006

you may have noticed…

Filed under: Tell me what you think — smid @ 2:07 am

as some of you know The WooHoo Project is curently reconstructing itself. i’ve been moving post and things around, don’t be surprised if the theme changes from time to time, i’m trying to find what’s best for WooHoo. i do and will need some feedback from other user to make this site even better, to make it just as good as the app itself. so first off, MA pointed out that the header image seemed «scarry» and in that sense it troubles me, that means other people can see it like that too. it bugs me because i know WooHoo and it’s a user-friendly, easy to use app and not scarry at all! so what do you think, do you like the header or should we work on another?



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