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July 7, 2006

WooHoo is Contribution-Ware

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Contribution-ware is my concept. It was borne of a need to develop a high quality Mac tool for The Sims 2 quickly and cheaply.

It means everyone gets to help to make Woohoo grow and evolve. This is our project. I am managing the project but it is all of ours. We will make it successful or not through our collective contributions. My job is to organize everybody’s contributions into a cohesive project.

My priorities

powerful and easy to use tool for all Users level of expertise
A very useful Web Site
listen to suggestions and make them reality.

How to contribute

Writing the app…
My contribution is I am working full time on the WooHoo application since April 2006. Without the app there is no project and it is my field of expertise. smid has also contributed really nice icons and other graphics to WooHoo.

Building the site…
smid is contributing by building this site. smid is very talented artistically and is good with XHTML. If anyone is good with WorpPress, php or mysql smid could use help in that area.

Bug reports…
Our project also needs Contributors who will make bug reports. You can be assured I will act on bug reports immediately. If I happen to forget (not likely) please remind me.

Ideas for Improving WooHoo…
Our project also needs Contributors who will suggest improvements. I not talking about new feature requests. I mean improvements in how the existing features work. Improving existing features is usually pretty easy. And, most suggestions are incorporated into WooHoo, sooner than later.

Experienced modders…
Our project also needs experienced modders who already know how to mod the game. I have almost no practical knowledge of how to modify the game. So, I have to rely on experienced modders to clue me in a little.

Unfortunately, most experienced modders are already using Windows and they probably don’t care much about a Mac app. If you are an experienced modder and care about a Mac app your contributions to this project are needed.

New feature requests…
This is the easiest part but still essential. We need to know what people want the most so I can give those features more priority. Then you get a more powerful app faster with the new features you want most. (And it works I can say I got most if not all of my request. smid)

Other ways you can help…

contribute to the site’s content.
There are several categories you can create content for. Or, suggest a new category you want to support. A great website will help make WooHoo a great application.

Link away! WooHoo has to be marketed.
There are thousands of Mac game sites and Sims 2 sites. The more of those sites that have articles and links the more users will be attracted to check out the WooHoo site. We do not advertise, so this is really important to attract more contributors.

And last but not least, cash contributions.
Monetary contributions are not required, but they will help this project a lot. WooHoo will always be free.

I have only two things that I must insist on:
1) Everyone will be compensated for their contributions.
2) Everyone gets WooHoo.

Tell us what you want from the WooHoo project!



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