WooHoo: Ultimate Mac Hack for The Sims 2



What is WooHoo?

I tried to find WooHoo in the dictionary, but I guess it is not a word. It’s more like a sound. A sound you would make when you get happily excited. Maxis decided to call sim sex woohoo. Although the animation looks more like ‘Lets get wrapped up like a pretzel’ or a cubist exercise that would make Van Gogh and Dali say WooHoo. 😉

beosboxboy says this about the origin of the word woohoo:
Just so you know Maxis did not invent the term “woohoo” for sex, it originates from a daytime television game show: “The Newlywed Game” on ABC (USA). The programme originally aired from July 11, 1966 – December 20, 1974, and was hosted by Bob Eubanks. The origination of the term “woohoo” is uncertain with various members of the cast and crew claiming it – however the term has a history that may begin with 1920s USA slang: “pitching woo” and a rare 1958 recording by Gene Vincent & Eddie Cochran “Git It”

WooHoo is also the application you can get at this site. It does a lot of stuff. Like, a backup tool to save your game, a browser to peek inside those mysterious package files, an Installer to install those mysterious sims2packs, a package viewer to see the guts of a package file, a package tester to test individual packages or all packages in a folder for known errors that could make your game go wonky, and numerous other features.

More and more features are coming. Like a sims2pack editor so you can clean up your sims2packs, a packager editor so you can create packages and import textures and meshes and edit embedded files like BHAV and BCON, also easy to use special purpose editors to do common things like make default skins and categorize hair and clothing.

Basically, I want WooHoo to be able to do what ever you need to play the game better or to create stuff to play the game. And wrap it up in an easy to learn and use package. And for this Web Site to be the focal point of support for Mac Simmers to give and get help with WooHoo, playing the game and creating new stuff.

How do I backup my game?

Finder Backup: option-drag ~/EA Games/The Sims 2/ folder.

Smart Backup: Get WooHoo!

What the heck are .package files?

A package file is the basic unit of mystery. But seriously. A package file is basically a package. It contains numerous embedded files of different types that give the game information about anything and everything in the game. The game only knows how to read the package files. The package files tell the game how to play. To see what is in a package file you need a tool, like WooHoo, simPE, or datagen.

What does ‘Modding the Game’ mean? (short for modify)

Modding your game is basically adding something (a mod) to your game that did not originally come with it. This is usually in the form of a file with a package extension. You put the file in the Downloads or SavedSims folder, in most cases. Your game is now modded. Also see Sims2Packs.

What is a Mod? (short for modify)

A mod is something that you can mod your game with, usually a package file. Mods are sometimes called hacks. Hacks also modify sim behavior (item 5, 6). A mod can be almost anything including 1) adding a new color option (a re-color) for you kitchen table 2) new kinds of clothing 3) new kinds of objects 4) new colors or shapes of genetic things (see genetics) like hair, eyes, makeup, skin tones 5) new ways that sims use or interact with objects or each other 6) mods can even change the game’s rules (global hack), like turning off aging or jealousy.

A mod is also called custom content and will have a big asterisk on it in the game. Custom content usually means stuff you got from the Maxis website. The word ‘Mod’ is not exact but I think it mostly refers to custom content that is not from the Maxis web site and not supported by Maxis.

How do you create a Mod?

To create a MOD you need a package editing tool like simPE or datagen. Those are Windows applications. WooHoo is aspiring to those and soon you will be able to use WooHoo to create mods. (WooHoo also has several other capabilities besides creating mods)

You might need other tools depending on what you are going to mod, such as a image editor and a 3d object editor.

You will need tutorials. modthesims2.com and other sites have lots of tutorials. I also hope to support creators on this site in the near future.

What is a Mesh?

Every object in the game must have a mesh. The object’s mesh gives the object it’s unique shape. A mesh is simply a shape: a 3 dimensional shape made of triangles. Any shape can be created with triangles. A mesh viewed all by itself (no color/texture) resembles a wire frame or a draftsman’s drawing. Each wire in the frame represents the edge where two triangles meet.

Each mesh is contained in a GMDC file inside of a package file. Sometimes the mesh’s package file also contains the color of the object (a texture), or sometimes not.

To edit a mesh you first need to export it from the package file. (mesh export will be supported in a future release of WooHoo.) Edit the exported mesh in a 3D modeling program like 3D Studio or Wings 3D. Then import the mesh back into the original package or a new package.

What is a Texture?

Every object in the game must have a texture. The texture is what gives an object it’s color. Without a texture objects would look like a wire frame and that would be boring. The texture is applied to the mesh, by the game, and creates a nice looking object.

Each texture is contained in a TXTR file and is inside a package file. The package may also contain a mesh.

To edit a texture you first need to export it from the package file. This can be done with WooHoo. Edit the exported mesh in a paint program like photoshop. Some 3D modeling programs will also let you paint a texture directly onto a mesh (wire frame). Then import the texture back into the original package or a new package. (this feature will be included in a upcoming version of WooHoo)

How are Meshes and Textures related to each other?

Each texture in the game is assigned to a particular mesh. This assignment is made in the package file that contains the texture. The assignment cannot be changed in the game. To change the assignment requires a package editor.

So, when you are playing the game and choose an object to buy, build or wear you are actually choosing a texture. The game looks in the package containing the texture to determine which mesh goes with that texture.

This relation works the same for nude skins and clothing. Each nude skin has it’s own mesh. Each piece of clothing has it own mesh too. The nude skin texture’s mesh is only used when the sim is naked. And every time your sim changes clothing the mesh is also very likely to change as well. This relationship can be very counter intuitive. For example, the body shape of the sim can change dramatically depending on what clothing the sim is wearing.

To be continued…


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